Saturday, August 10, 2013

Natural Hair: Summer Styles for Kids

The perfect protective style!

The Mohawk

Products we use: 
Shampoo: Shea Moisture - Purchased at Target
Conditioner: Giovanni Direct Leave-In - Purchased at Target
Moisturizer & Styler: Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer - Purchased online at 
Edges: Curls Control Paste - Purchased at Target 

The Process:
Hair is washed with Shea Moisture Shampoo
Conditioned with Giovanni Direct Leave-In
Natural Oil is added (grapeseed or coconut oil)
Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer is added
Hair is blown dry (Unless I wash J's hair at home and band/air dry overnight)
Once style is determined her beautician/braider will then section hair into small sections and begin braiding

How long does the style last:
I typically do not go past 3 weeks. I find keeping braids longer than that causes extra tangles and breakage plus by this point J's hair is fuzzy and no longer looks fresh. I tend to be very particular about the appearance of my daughter's hair. 

What we do at night:
Always, always and always use a satin scarf or bonnet in conjunction with a satin pillow case just in case the scarf/bonnet should come off during the night. 

Never, never, never use a cotton scarf or sleep on a cotton pillow case. Cotton scarfs, bonnets and pillow cases sucks the moisture right out of the hair in addition to causing unnecessary dryness, brittleness and breakage. Taking the time to wash, deep condition, condition and moisturize and then sleeping with or on cotton material defeats the purpose. Natural/healthy hair is delicate and requires a lot of patience. It's not the easy route. If you go into this thinking it's a get up and go type of situation you should RUN, not walk, to your nearest beauty supply store/salon and get a relaxer. Having relaxed hair (in MY opinion) is easier to maintain. However, having natural hair is far more rewarding, freeing and versatile. It's all about preference!

The take down:
I mist J's hair with water, add your oils of choice, add a cheap conditioner of choice and start from the bottom of the braid unraveling until the braid is completely removed. I then finger comb the section of hair that I just took down to remove the shed hair. The moisture from the water and oil and the "slip" from the conditioner makes this process easy as pie. 

F.Y.I.  This is what works for us and may not be ideal for everyone
PSA:  I AM NOT A LICENSED BEAUTICIAN in any way shape or form......please do your own research as I have and find what works for you and your daughter's hair.  

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